Two Cats and a Snake

Everyday, I'll try to post something. Usually about my cats and my stuffed snake. But also things about my life, and drawing. I'll probably mention every topic eventually.

August 6, 2012 9:33 am
Good news! Girl-Kitty fits in my backpack easily ;)

Good news! Girl-Kitty fits in my backpack easily ;)

August 2, 2012 7:00 pm
Hope it’s not night when you guys see this, ‘cause I found the exorcist again!

Hope it’s not night when you guys see this, ‘cause I found the exorcist again!

10:48 am

Yesterday, I went on Minecraft, and was like woah what language is this, ‘cause there were these weird symbols and it’s supposed to be English. So, I went to the Change You Language menu, and it turns out that my English is now who-knows-what-language.

Now, the only language I can understand at all is Pirate Speak, so I’ve been using that xD

August 1, 2012 5:40 pm

I got this really cool texture pack, but when I finally got it on, it made Minecraft really laggy :(

I don’t think Boy-Kitty really cares. I don’t know where Girl-Kitty is.

All well.

1:01 pm

The Hunger Games # 3

Okay, so I partnered with Panina again. She/He was my partner last time.

This time went better. We had another partner, who wasn’t with us though, I dunno what happened.

I managed to stay with Panina, and it was going well. Until We encountered to zombies. My lag ended up being the death of me.

I freaking hate zombies.

I don’t know if Panina is still alive, but I think I’m learning.

12:49 pm

The Hunger Games # 2

I got into another big Hunger Games server. Bad luck once again.

This time, I decided to be an archer. I found a teammate who was also an archer. We  planned to loot a cave and get to the trees. Sounds good, right?

Well, I lost her/him once the game started. She got to the caves, while I was jumping around looking for her/him, or even just the trees.

No such luck. I got killed by a guy with a sword.

The End.

11:26 am

I love it when my cats, wake me up, but it’s usually just Girl-Kitty right now. Boy-Kitty fell in love with this chair xD It’s a really nice chair. But it’s his now.

hmm. I just noticed that there’s always a shirt or shoes or something on the chair with him. Wait, when did my new shoes get on his chair? o.O

12:08 am

Why is it that whenever I I.M. my friends G’night, they get online? Why do they have to do this to meee? xD

July 31, 2012 8:59 pm
My new shoes! <3

My new shoes! <3

5:27 pm

I got into the hunger games in Minecraft!

Just got killed by a zombie. Should have hid inside while I was crafting a better sword, I guess. All well, I’ll find a better hunger games, I don’t really like that one very much anyways xD